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UG 01 (17)

Graphic summary of the episode.

This is the first episode from Ultimate Girls.


Koharuno Silk, Ohtori Vivienne and Moroboshi Tsubomi are ordinary students. They live in a city that is constantly attacked by giant monsters, of which it is always defeated by a giant superhero called UFO-Man (a parody of Ultraman).

On that day, the girls decide to watch the fight between the giants, until suddenly UFO-Man appears...

...and steps on the girls.

UFO-Man wants to resurrect the protagonists by sacrificing their powers and giving them to the protagonists. In doing so, UFO-Man is vulnerable and reduced to a doll the size of a human head.

Now the girls have the powers of UFO-Man to become gigantas and save the day. To activate their powers, they must press the phallus to UFO-Man.

Monster of turn

It's called "Gullmark". A dinosaur (similar to T-Rex) orange with implicit phallic references. It has fangs, yellow eyes and a jewel in the chest. Use as a weapon a scale replica of the Tokyo Tower.


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