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UG 03 (49)

Episode summary.

Ultimate Girls' third episode.

This article will show a summary with spoilers of the 2 fights:

Ohtori Vivienne' turn

UG 03 (2)

Ohtori Vivienne is serious and does not waste time, so she decides to face the monster. Notice how "graciously" her boobs have been animated.

UG 03 (27)

"To remain naked? Do you think I do not know how to solve this problem?"

The episode begins with Ohtori Vivienne facing her adversary.

Although she knows that the monster is stronger, she opts for cunning. To begin with, she makes him stumble purposely so that he is trapped under a bridge.

Unexpectedly she starts to undress (UFO-Man told her it would be in 3 minutes, but it happened before). That is, this situation distracts her.

But this heroine is intelligent, so she looks for a way to solve the problem and thus not dishonor her "Japanese" honor. Then he takes some plastic paper posters and uses them to cover herself.

The fight shows that the fighters are (almost) equal in strength:

UG 03 (36)

They already know! The M.O.E. It's the key.

UG 03 (37)

So, was that what she was supposed to do?

However, when fighting again, she notices that the monster became stronger. UFO-Man tells her that he is not like that, that in fact she was weakened.

In order to recover her energy, she must use the M.O.E., although it costs her to offend her "Japanese" honor.

While she decides, the monster attacks and she jumps to avoid him, but that makes her undress against her will, which gives a great shame.

Because her reasoning is above her emotions, Ohtori Vivienne takes the opportunity to launch the "Ultimate Beam". Her opponent is weakened and the heroine returns to her original size.

Makoto approaches the monster to take a picture of him (he is a reporter).

Koharuno Silk's turn

UG 03 (53)

"Did you think that you beat me?"

UG 03 (54)

Fortunately Makoto was unconscious, he will not want to know where he was.

Although they thought they won, they did not do what was necessary to definitively destroy the monster: to destroy its "weak point".

Makoto, trying to flee, leaves flying and eventually reaches the monster's "weak spot".

Koharuno Silk decides to face him this time, now that she knows how to use the M.O.E. And what is his weak point.

Unlike the previous heroine, she is not intelligent or brave, but is dumb and cowardly. Her timidity can be observed even during her transformation:

UG 03 (61)

She barely transforms herself,...

UG 03 (67)

...she undresses. This is because it is already 3 times in a row that UFO-Man must be transformed.

UG 03 (86)

At least he's safe.

UG 03 (94)

The dream of many giantess fetishists.

UG 03 (105)

Makoto is safely on solid ground. Compare the size of the heroine's hand with that of the boy's body.

UG 03 (106)

The last thing he sees of his rescuer.

Journalists (to be more specific: the old pervert), when they see it, give it a name. In fact, they already give a name to the 3:

As soon as Koharuno Silk was transformed, she began to undress (and thus to weaken), so UFO-Man asks her to finish quickly, but she disobeys and decides to flee.

For her bad luck, her escape route is a train tracks, which are used by her opponent to reach her.

However, the monster derails in a curve, which makes it fall to the sea, along with Makoto.

Koharuno Silk jumps to save Makoto and succeeds, but each time she is more naked. So she wants to cover up, but involuntarily makes Makoto touch her breasts, which adds to the embarrassment.

She seizes the moment to defeat the monster by destroying its weak point, now that it is unconscious and floating? (was the monster less dense than water?).

The heroine leaves the boy on solid ground. He immediately wakes up and takes pictures of his rescuer with what he has left of energy.

Monster of turn

It's the same of previous episode.


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