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Graphic summary of the episode.

Ultimate Girls' fourth episode.

Summary (with spoilers)

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rightThe Ultimate Girls and their "oficial" names.

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Geeks taking pictures.

Starts the episode with the news, talking about UFO-Man and the Ultimate Girls. Reporters offer a reward for discovering the identity of heroines, so many "geeks" (that's how they explicitly show perverts) decide to participate.

Then the scene changes in a moment where the heroines are changing their clothes and talking about trivial subjects, like the size of the breasts.

Then the "Medical Monster" appears, so it's time to call the Ultimate Girls.

UFO-Man continues his favoritism towards Koharuno Silk, but this time Moroboshi Tsubomi wants to participate. UFO-Man considers her "weak" because she lacks shame, but she insists and finally she is accepted.

When transformed, the geeks around her take pictures. She reacts vainly posing (her geek-otaku mentality makes her think she's in cosplay).

The monster attacks her with a thrust:

UG 04 (35)

Back to the battle.

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Keep posing.

UG 04 (28)

That philosophical reflection was profound.

UG 04 (33)

Feeling the pain.

UG 04 (58)

His memory when he was a fetus.

UG 04 (60)

She won.

UG 04 (59)

Somehow he managed to weaken the monster. Note that this image is an animated gif.

UG 04 (62)

The female reporter was the sister of Koharuno Silk, one of the heroines.

The heroine falls and the monster takes advantage of being helpless to attack her with its syringes. He does not hurt her (and we do not know if he wants to), but he can pierce his outfit to start undressing (remember that stripping means losing energy).

The heroine gets up after the attack and then falls back in pain. The pain seems so intense that he asks the monster for help.

The monster decides to help her, so he removes his syringes (and so have his hands free), so he opens his robe to draw a stethoscope between his legs.

The stethoscope is placed on top of the heroine's chest (to hear her heart?), but suddenly she gets up and picks up that device. She puts that instrument on her chest so the monster can hear her heart, which brings back memories of his mother and when he was a fetus.

These thoughts distract and weaken the monster, so the heroine takes advantage to destroy his "weak point": the stethoscope.

Moroboshi Tsubomi returns to normal and manages to evade the geeks. Although she does not care to reveal her identity as a heroine, Ohtori Vivienne (who is the intelligent one of the group) reminds her that every hero must hide her identity.

The episode ends by revealing that the reporter is Koharuno Silk's older sister.

Monster of turn

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UG 04 (55)
  • Name: "Ochuushya".
  • Theme: medicine.
  • Antropomorphic.
  • He is wearing a white doctor's robe..
  • It has round eyes, like fish.
  • Between her legs comes a stethoscope (which is her "weakness").
  • His head is orange.
  • Red legs.
  • The syringes in his hands are weapons.


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  • The turn monster of this episode can speak and has human reason, so revealed some interesting facts:
    • He mentioned that there were also nurses, but it is not known if they are also giant monsters with similar forms.
    • He admitted that he has a mother and that he was a fetus, so there must be more monsters like him.

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