UG 06 (14)

Graphic summary of the episode.

Ultimate Girls' sixth episode.

Synopsis (with spoilers)

UG 06 (3)

Heroin goes into combat.

UG 06 (9)


UG 06 (10)

...of a giantess.

Koharuno Silk, Ohtori Vivienne, Moroboshi Tsubomi go on a visit to the beach (and interestingly the other main characters too).

Koharuno Silk is still sad because he believes that Makoto and Ohtori Vivienne have a love affair, but the latter tries to explain the misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, Koharuno Silk's sister, who is the reporter, spies on her sister thinking she is an Ultimate Girl.

Makoto tells the protagonists in secret that the contest is a trap to discover the identity of the Ultimate Girls.

He also congratulates Ohtori Vivienne for having huge breasts (not because he is excited, but because his boss would excite him), which could win the contest. This worsens the misunderstanding of Koharuno Silk.

Ohtori Vivienne refuses to participate in the contest and chases Koharuno Silk to some distant rocks.

Suddenly, it appears the monster of turn, with the theme of the octopus. The reporter escapes from her post to look for her sister, Koharuno Silk, but the monster knocks down a structure, which causes her to be trapped but not injured.

Koharuno Silk is transformed, but seeing Makoto taking pictures, she remembers that he does not want her (supposedly), which makes her enter in despair, and consequently increases her M.O.E .:

The heroine gives him a few punches, but as her M.O.E. was at its maximum, they were powerful blows, which made his weak point quickly come to light and thus destroy it:

UG 06 (34)


UG 06 (35)

...good bye!

After the victory, Makoto begins to take pictures to the heroine, but Ohtori Vivienne stealthily knocks to him in time, thus saving the identity of her friend. After all, no one manages to discover the identity of the Ultimate Girls.

After all this, during the evening, Ohtori Vivienne explains to Koharuno Silk the misunderstanding. In addition, Ohtori Vivienne indirectly confesses that she is in love with her, but the latter does not realize (she is lesbian).

Monster of turn

UG 06 (2)
  • Name: "Hachiro".
  • It's a red octopus.
  • Wear sunglasses.
  • Thick lips.
  • Wears yellow boxing gloves in 2 tentacles.
  • Another 2 tentacles are used as human legs, of which they are covered by shorts.
  • The remaining 4 tentacles are simply tentacles.



UG 06 (36)

Interesting reference, was it necessary to be explicit?

  • UFO-Man likes to see human naked, so he is pleased to see them in a bikini.
    • He also admits that he likes older ones because he is not interested in girls (similar to Muten Roshi, a Dragon Ball character).
  • There was an octopus and a schoolgirl (tada!...a classic vintage hentai theme).
  • This was the shortest-length episode for the GTS scenes.
  • When Koharuno Silk defeated her opponent, she shouted that she is the champion (using the English word "champion" directly), referring to the octopus, even if equipped with boxing gloves, lost without making at least one attack.
    • Seen otherwise, it is as if the octopus were used as a de-stressing blow-up doll so a student could vent her anger after a disappointment in love.

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