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Graphic summary of the episode.

Ultimate Girls' seventh episode.

Summary (with spoilers)

UG 07 (2)

Koharuno Silk waking up.

UG 07 (11)

Could not you have hit him harder? Or give him a flying kick?

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UG 07 (40)

Can not stand up.

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UG 07 (29)

Still powerless.

UG 07 (26)

Feel powerless.

UG 07 (63)

Happy ending: at least she's with Makoto.

UG 07 (57)

He is already unconscious, he only needs to destroy his weak point.

UG 07 (66)

And who called you?

The school where the heroines go will have a tour and Koharuno Silk avoids awakening to UFO-Man to be able to go without the concern of transforming into heroin and thus ruin her tour.

While on the way to their destination, a monster in the form of a metronome appears screaming the word "mara" all the time.

This monster uses a sound wave of great radius of reach that numbs to all that hears...

...including himself.

UFO-Man does not sleep, so he had to travel miles to get where the protagonists are and wake them up.

He continues with his favoritism by Koharuno Silk, so she is the one that is transformed. Taking advantage of the fact that the monster is sleeping, she must sneak up and attack it while it is unconscious.

But when attacking, she does it wrong (she gives a soft blow because of her cowardice). The monster awakens and attacks her by tickling.

People who were asleep wake up and watch the giants fight, including Makoto and the reporters. He also wakes up the bus driver who took the students to their tour, so he barely woke up, came out escaping the place of the fight.

Koharuno Silk, seeing that her bus is gone, is distracted and the monster attacks with a certain blow. Silk feels weak, helpless and humiliated. This negative emotional situation makes her M.O.E. is maximized and thus achieve to knock out the opponent.

She is still disappointed to have lost her tour, so she has no desire to defeat the monster, but UFO-Man demands that she destroy it once and for all. The heroine finally wins.

Finally he says goodbye saying "sayomara": contraction between sayonara (goodbye in Japanese) and mara.

The episode ends with Koharuno Silk and Makoto returning home on motorcycle (romantic moment for her).

Monster of turn

UG 07 (51)
  • Name "Mahler" (In Japanese is pronounced as "Mara").
  • Antropomorphic.
  • The only word he says is "Mara" (which in Japanese informal language means "male reproductive organ").
  • It is based on the metronome (instrument that measures time at regular intervals, music practitioners use it to regulate and synchronize their rhythm).
  • Feet like dinosaur. His hands were similar.
  • He has a pair of huge fangs.
  • It has a skewer as a weapon.



UG 07 (4)

Mount Fuji: icon of Japan par excellence.

  • The action takes place near Mount Fuji.
    • It is the geographical icon of Japan par excellence.
    • Around that mountain there is a forest, which has the bad reputation of being the favorite place for the suicides (there are many corpses, mostly hanged and others with a perforation in the head due to the use of a pistol).

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