UG 08 (18)

Graphic summary of the episode.

Ultimate Girls' eighth episode.

Summary (with spoilers)

UG 08 (14)

Ultimate Girl Lolita.

UG 08 (22)

Zazen position.

In the previous episode, Koharuno Silk could not go to her much-desired tour, but in the end Makoto took her to her longed for destination on his motorcycle.

While in Kyoto, the heroines take a bath together in hot springs, talking about trivial subjects as if Koharuno Silk is in love with the brother of Moroboshi Tsubomi or about the race of Ohtori Vivienne (she is white nordid, in addition that seems that is daughter of immigrants Anglo-Saxons).

Before returning to Tokyo, their home, they decide to escape to enjoy the last moments in Kyoto.

Unexpectedly appears a giant Buddha, who was the new adversary. It is highlighted "unexpectedly" because UFO-Man believed that the monster would appear on Monday in Tokyo.

The monster seemed out of place, because it should not be in Kyoto, here's the explanation:

UG 08 (32)
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UG 08 (38)
UG 08 (34)

Moroboshi Tsubomi takes the initiative to transform. At first, the monster is transformed into someone more unpleasant (and perhaps more powerful), so he hits the head as an initial attack.

The heorine has a plan: flee from the blows and then take the zazen position. The monster approaches her and, at the least opportune moment, the heroine makes a key with her legs, catching his head.

The heroine begins to lose her clothes and the monster uses his rosary to hang her too. After the confrontation, the heroine wins by destroying his head, but does not win definitively, because what she destroyed was a false body.

The original body remains unscathed and makes quick turns that pierce the ground (like a drill), finally fleeing.

Monster of turn

UG 08 (11)

Forma inicial

UG 08 (16)


  • Name: "Dainioh".
  • Theme: Buddha.
  • Antropomorphic.
  • He is made of stone, because he is a statue.



  • The monster of this episode is based, in its initial form, on the Buda Tian Tan: the position of the hands, the shape of the head and the clothes are very similar to it.
    • However, this Buddha is not in Japan, but in Hong Kong. So the Japanese buddha most resembling it would be the Kōtoku-in temple.
  • In his second form, I have not identified him, so if anyone knows, edit this part.

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