UG 09 (29)

Resumen gráfico del episodio.

Ultimate Girls' nineth episode.

Summary (with spoilers)

The protagonists are tourists in Kobe and Makoto takes the role of photographer (as always).

Ohtori Vivienne and Moroboshi Tsubomi let Koharuno Silk be alone with Makoto (against her will). These last 2 arrive at a Ferris wheel to enjoy the panoramic view. That is where a conversation is made about the likes of Makoto:

UG 09 (2)

UFO-Man admitting he's an alien.

UG 09 (37)


UG 09 (25)

Running to where the monster is.

UG 09 (22)

Close to SUN TV.

UG 09 (48)

Giving the final blow.

Suddenly, while they continue in the Ferris wheel, appears the monster of the previous episode (since he had not been defeated). Ohtori Vivienne, though she was not feeling well, wants her friend (or rather her lover) to enjoy Makoto for a while, so she becomes Ultimate Girl.

Because the location of the monster is near the Ferris wheel, the heroine takes him away to the front of the building of SUN TV (television channel where the Ultimate Girls anime is actually transmitted). The usual reporters were where the monster fell, but without damage.

The heroine runs to where her adversary is to give him an attack, but just before receiving the blow, he transforms into a golden version with 8 arms, which gives him greater strength and gains a notable advantage over heroine.

This one takes the heroine and maintains her of head, but this last one to notice that her friend Koharuno Silk is seeing it from the Ferris wheel, feels shame and its M.O.E. is maximized.

Taking advantage of the fact that she gained strength, she hits his head, defeating the monster definitively (apparently the head was his weak point).

Monster of turn

UG 09 (10)

Original form

UG 09 (35)

New transformation.

  • It is the monster of the previous episode, but now it is nicknamed "Ashura" (due to its new transformation).
  • He's practically a human.
  • Its new transformation is golden.
  • It has 8 arms.



  • The new transformation of the monster is based on the Asuras gods, who are beings thirsting for power and have several arms.

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