UG 10 (35)

Graphic summary of the episode.

Ultimate Girls' tenth episode.

Summary (with spoilers)

UG 10 (2)

Moroboshi Tsubomi using a cosplay of her respective Ultimate Girl.

UG 10 (4)

Depression after learning that her lover is going to the United States.

UG 10 (16)

Not wanting to fight.

UG 10 (19)

UFO-Man is weak.

UG 10 (21)

Not wanting to fight.

UG 10 (27)

An efficient fight.

The protagonists go to a Christmas party. Moroboshi Tsubomi is wearing an Ultimate Girl cosplay and the others dress formally.

UFO-Man was also at the party, eating secretly snacks dressed as Tuxedo Mask (as in episode 5).

Koharuno Silk gives Makoto a gift, which was a jacket with several pockets, however, he mentions that he is going to the United States to study journalism to discover the identity of the Ultimate Girls (his obsession).

Koharuno Silk was depressed, but her friends took her to a Comiket to cheer her up. However, she remains depressed and separates from her friends because of the large mass of people.

Suddenly a monster appears with the theme of the erotic manga shouting "without censorship!". The cover of the manga specifically has Koharuno Silk.

Koharuno Silk is the one that is closer to UFO-Man, so it is transformed. Already made a giantess, she remains depressed and unwilling to fight.

On the other hand, because UFO-Man had eaten the snack of the party, this one fell ill and his power weakened, reason why the heroine immediately began to undress.

This forces the heroine to fight more efficiently, and launches the first attack, which causes the monster to fall and expose his weak point.

Before defeating him, the public, who are perverted freaks-otakus, gives support to the monster and this one manages to gain energy to get rid of heroine:

UG 10 (43)

He should not have done that.

UG 10 (53)


She is thrown, and when she gets up she sees that the monster opens the manga that has in the chest, which contains erotic material (it still has censorship). Due to the little that is seen, it is very probable that Koharuno Silk is the one that star in the manga.

The M.O.E. is increased to the maximum and the heroine throws a ray that destroys the monster automatically. His defeat did not please the geeks who were on the periphery.

Once returned to her original size, Koharuno Silk meets Makoto. Due to the mental strain she suffered, her last resort to make Makoto not go to the United States is to confess that she is an Ultimate Girl. Makoto remains are surprised face.

Monster of turn

UG 10 (9)
  • Name: "Mushuseki".
  • Antropomorphic.
  • Black skin.
  • It has a shark's head (or something).
  • Yellow eyes.
  • His arms are scythes.
  • It has a manga in the chest, whose content is erotic.



UG 10 (10)
20030727 27 July 2003 Tokyo International Exhibition Center Big Sight Odaiba Tokyo Japan
  • The location of the fight takes place at Tokyo Big Sight, an architectural complex used for all kinds of conventions and meetings, including the Comiket.
  • In this episode they discussed the topic of erotic material in the manga, so from here we can deduce that the participation of the GTS community was very low or directly null:
    • References dealt with the erotic material were the ordinary.
    • In the following episode, you will be able to appreciate even more details.

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