UG 11 (70)

Graphic summary of the episode.

UG 11 (Fanservice)

A little fanservice.

Ultimate Girls' eleventh and penultimate episode.

Summary (with spoilers)

UG 11 (2)

Ohtori Vivienne, do us the favor.

UG 11 (3)

It's the Ultimate Girls!

UG 11 (10)

Do not they look suspicious to you?

UG 11 (16)


UG 11 (17)


UG 11 (19)

...what is?

UG 11 (21)

Why do you look at that?

UG 11 (49)

Ultimate Girl Loli...

UG 11 (51)


UG 11 (69)

Ultimate Girl Busty...

UG 11 (90)

...could not either.

UG 11 (73)

Ultimate Girl Busty isn't...

UG 11 (89)

...even a worthy rival for this monster.

At the end of the previous episode, Koharuno Silk had confessed to Makoto that she is Ultimate Girl Titties. His reaction was as follows: He did not believe her, rather, he thought she wanted to be an Ultimate Girl.

On the night of that same day 3 events happened:

  • Ohtori Vivienne reproaches Koharuno Silk for confessing her identity to Makoto. On the other hand, Moroboshi Tsubomi does not care, in fact, she is even creating some Ultimate Girls costumes for the protagonists to do cosplay the next day.
  • Makoto and Okamura are preparing copies of "books" (actually they are erotic mangas) about Ultimate Girls.
  • UFO-Man is investigating Tokyo Big Sight, as he has detected a malign presence there.

The next day, in the comiket, the protagonists are dressed as their respective Ultimate Girls. At the convention they find, among so many mangas, erotic material (hentai) about Ultmate Girls.

Among the people who are seeing these erotic works, is Makoto. Without warning, he is attacked by a semi-liquid green mass.

That day, which is Tuesday, suddenly there is a monster attack (these only attack on Mondays).

Appears a monster of unusual appearance: it seems an ally of UFO-Man. Therefore, initially it was nicknamed Ultimate Boy.

UFO-Man considers this situation strange, but before giving an explanation, Moroboshi Tsubomi is transformed.

She wanted to give him an initial punch, but since she is weak, her opponent manages to avoid her. At that moment, she notices that her brother Makoto is at the core of the monster, so she decides to stop fighting and begins receiving monster attacks.

This heroine is defeated in a short time.

UFO-Man again attempts to give an explanation, but Ohtori Vivienne is transformed, assuming she could defeat him because she has more strength.

At first she succeeds in giving him a good shot, but then her opponent proves to be more powerful, managing to dominate the situation.

Koharuno Silk and Moroboshi Tsubomi from where they are already know the sad reality: the monster is Makoto (it is fused with him).

Monster of turn

UG 11 (32)
  • Because he was initially mistaken for a UFO-Man ally, he was nicknamed "Ultimate Boy".
  • Antropomorphic.
  • It's black, with some yellow lines.
  • He has red eyes and shows hostility.
  • Its design looks like a Gundam.
  • Its nucleus is a camera, of which Makoto is captive there.



  • This episode bears a resemblance to episode 2:
  • On the hentai, in the previous episode it had been mentioned that the participation of the GTS community was little or no, because here we will give more reasons:

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