UG 12 (74)

Graphic summary of the episode.

Ultimate Girls' twelfth and last episode.

This article will show a summary with spoilers of the 2 fights:

Ohtori Vivienne's turn

The heroine remains weak, and she can not do anything against her opponent.

This, because he inherited Makoto's obsession with Ultimate Girls, wants to undress her to reveal her identity.

In a fit of rage, the monster launches the heroine to the pyramids of Tokyo Big Sight, causing it to disappear (defeated her).

Interlude: The price of victory

UFO-Man explains that the monster appeared by a different kind of M.O.E.:

Koharuno Silk remembers that she was resurrected in the past by UFO-Man, so, why would not he revive Makoto?:

Koharuno Silk's turn

Koharuno Silk is determined to sacrifice her life for his beloved, so:

A happy ending

After finishing the fight, Makoto survives, but what happened to Koharuno Silk?

For she survived thanks to the power of UFO-Man, but the latter had to shrink more (he paid with er body, somehow):

And everything returns to normal: the protagonists follow their common life and saving the city of the giant monsters of turn.

Monster of turn

UG 12 (76)

It's the same of previous episode.

Although there is a monster that appears at the end (like the vintage Gundam), but that is irrelevant.



  • This episode is similar to Episode 3:
    • The monster is primarily black.
    • The fight begins with Ohtori Vivienne (continuing the subject of the previous episode) and ends with Koharuno Silk, whose fight is meant to save Makoto's life.

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