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Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is an 2015 anime created by Marvelous and pertaining to the franchise Valkyrie Drive.

In the world, a strange virus called "A-Virus" ("A" from Armed) has spread that can turn women into weapons (that is, it does not affect males). There are 2 classes:

  • Extars: they become weapons when they are sexually aroused.
  • Liberators: they are the only ones that can manipulate extars already transformed (in weapons).

Women infected with this virus are sent to an artificial island, where they will be supervised by agents called "Observers", so that if they prove to be peaceful, they can return to normal life.

Synopsis (with spoilers)

The arrival

Castle operators are seeking a person who escaped from the castle by a radar. When they detect her, they notice that her signal increases strangely.

Later, the protagonists are in a jungle looking for mushrooms for lunch, but they encounter Shigure (an "enemy" with little hostile intentions), and she warns them that they are in a dangerous zone.

Suddenly the ground begins to tremble. When they see towards the sky, they notice a huge female silhouette. The protagonists and Shigure are scared, but the giant woman is not aggressive, on the contrary, she is crying.

Shigure explains that she is Nimi Minimi, a woman just transferred shortly before the protagonists. Nimi Minimi is one of the few transfers that had her partner (in her case: Noe Oya). Shigure asks for an explanation, so Nimi Minimi does it:

"Nimi Minimi and Noe Oya were in a softball game, but when they make a good play, government agents capture them because they were both carriers of the Armed Virus. Nimi Minimi did not like it and was sad, so she wanted to join her friend Noe Oya in body and soul (they had sex). But in spite of the great excitement, they could not activate the Drive (transform into weapon). Because of this, Charlotte (a macabre commander) forced this couple to separate and to marry with other (lesbian wedding). Because Nimi Minimi is disagreed, she fled the Castle. After sleeping in the woods and waking up, she realized that she had become a giantess".

Shigeru receives a call asking for a report of what happened, but she says she did not find anything (she defended Nimi Minimi).

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While the friends of the protagonists await their return, the ground begins to tremble. They realize that there is a giantess and they are afraid of her, but they are unconcerned to see that the protagonists are on their shoulders.

Shigure tells the owner of the place that Nimi Minimi has a problem and asks her to have her stay for a while.

Because she is naked, they use a huge piece of cloth to make even a bikini. The protagonists use their powers to cut this cloth. Shigure suspects that they have a huge piece of cloth, so he begins to suspect Mei Fong (a thief and smuggler).

After elaborating the improvised bikini, it fits well, but it is somewhat...


Then a loud noise comes out of her stomach, denoting that she is hungry. They feed her with food barrels (literally), leaving the rest of the girls in the hosting without food.

Nimi Minimi apologizes for leaving them without supplies, so she decides to pay them somehow.

Fun in the beach

On the beach you can see a huge body emerging from the sea, which is Nimi Minimi. She uses her bikini to catch the fishes (that's how she makes up for the loss of food and supplies made by the lodgers).

Being close to the beach, the girls want swimsuits for swimming. Suddenly Mei Fong (the smuggler) appears and offers them swimsuits for money.

After buying the swimsuits, the girls of the lodging begin to have fun, including Nimi Minimi.

Meanwhile, Shigure is worried and thinking how it is that Nimi Minimi finished with that size.

The next day: an unexpected growth

During the night, Shigure is investigating, giving us as information that Noe Oya is imprisoned for denying a wedding.

Meanwhile, Nimi Minimi is crying in the middle of the night saying "Noe ..., I ... I ...".

While sleeping, she acquires more size, and her improvised bikini in destroyed. When she wakes up, she panics and starts crying. She believes that if she continues to grow, then society will consider her a monster and attack her with tanks and military aircraft.

The redheaded protagonist tells her to stop crying that she goes to the Castle to tell her beloved Noe what she is supposed to say.

Nimi Minimi takes the initiative and goes to the castle naked and on foot.

Mei Fong tells her that that will cause a riot, so the protagonist realizes her mistake and decides to pursue her.

On the way to the castle

Mei Fong and the protagonists go to the castle to reach Nimi Minimi.

Meanwhile, Shigure receives the news that they have discovered that a giant woman is approaching the castle.

Shigure reaches Nimi Minimi in her truck, but knows how dangerous she wanders around the castle, so she throws her truck to her leg (to make her stumble).

But after the blow, mysteriously Nimi Minimi grows again and slides in the castle lobby.

Charlotte leaves the balcony and is frightened to see a giantess. After recognizing that such a giantess is Nimi Minimi, she decides to punish her by attacking her. But before the attack, Shigure intervenes asking for no violence. But in the middle of the fight, the Governor's weapon appears, asking for peace.

Meanwhile, the protagonists free Noe Oya, which is the key to solving the problem of size.

Noe Oya gives Nimi Minimi a reprimand because she left without telling her. Because Nimi Minimi was a good baseball player, Noe Oya decides to jump towards her tits to catch her as well as she catches the balls in that game.

Being on her tits, Nimi Minimi begins to glow pink and her size returns to normal, both being embraced.

The Governor appears and confirms to his commanders that the power of Nimi Minimi is to become a giantess, but that there is a delay in a transformation.


  • It is seen that there was almost no participation of the GTS community in the production of this episode for the following reasons:
    • In the title of the episode, Giant Girl was used instead of Giantess.
    • They did not use some clichés.
    • In conclusion: It was not aimed at the GTS community.

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