Wikyodai-chan (Japanese: ウィ巨大ちゃん) is the official pet OC of this wiki.

Her characteristics were chosen based on the discussions that had the 4 most active administrators of this wiki during June and July of 2017 (PaladinDeGigantas, StevenMegaSandwich, PaperSymphonyz and Koreno Panzer) in a Discord server.


Her name, Wikyodai-chan, comes from the contraction of the English word Wiki, which means cyber-encyclopedia, and the Japanese word 巨大 (kyodai), which means giant or exaggerated very large.

The (Japanese) term "-chan", which is actually for people of (relatively) short age, was added to give a more feminine touch to the name.

In Japanese, her name is written as ウィ巨大ちゃん.



  • Race: white nordid (because that is the highest human race).
  • Eyes:
    • Mainly blue (like the buttons of the Hispanic version).
    • Alternatively red (like the buttons of the English version).
  • Hair: long and straight, but with very light curls. As for its color:
    • Mainly light blonde mostly (as it is the most abundant color of the Hispanic version) and green at the front (as is the color of the logo of the Hispanic version).
    • Alternatively mostly light pink (as it is the most abundant color of the English version) and intense blond in the front (as is the color of the logo of the English version).
  • Face: she blushes and lipstick.


Image Description
Gafas rosadas
Pink glasses with clear crystals.
Wiki mascota prototipo (2d)
Wiki mascota prototipo (2c)
Denim jeans waist low and above the knees.
Wiki mascota prototipo (zapatos)
Blue ballerinas with slightly high heels.
Wiki mascota prototipo (3b)
Black socks up over the knee, so that they can be covered by the pants.
Wiki mascota prototipo (mallas)
Meshes on both sides of the body, but only on the forearm and arm.
170707kisekae mod2ab
Light black clothing on top of another pink as shown in the attached image, short sleeves and with a dark green hoop in the neck hole.

Gallery (official)

Gallery (fan-arts)


  • At the beginning of the discussion was wanted to create a stereotypical girl list and studious (nerd) because it would represent the purpose of this wiki: well-researched and quality articles; however, eventually ended up with a rather hybrid design between gothic, punk and emo.
  • The final design was elaborated using Kisekae, since it allowed the creation of this OC in a provisional and fast way considering all the characteristics that had met until that moment.