Q·Ko (Personaje) (8)

Q·Ko, although she is a mecha, was defined as female by Hajime Ueda (its author).


The Crystal Gems from Steven Universe, when they merge, they become pseudo-giantesses.

Within this wiki, is considered as a woman:

  • For real characters: any being that was born with XX chromosomes.
  • For fictitious characters: any being that has been defined as female according to its author (includes robots and other non-biological beings).

Of course, if it does not meet this definition then she is not a woman (not necessarily a male).

Examples of non-women

  • Male transvestites or transsexuals.
  • People with abnormal chromosomes (XXX, XYY, YY).
  • The Crystal Gems of Steven Universe, because its creator declared that they are asexual beings (its feminine aspect is simply that, a physical aspect).
    • However, even though they are not women, they are still worthy of articles on the wiki anyway, because of the controversy behind this issue.

Can we reconsider the definition or make any exceptions?

If you want a character to deserve an article or consideration on the wiki, go to the forum and explain your reasons.

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