Estaturas 13 Yotta

Size difference between the lowest yotta-giantess (109 meters) and the highest (1010 meters). It's used Wikyodai-chan, the Earth (12742 km in diameter), Jupiter (139822 km in diameter) and the Sun (1392000 km in diameter). If this image is enlarged to its maximum resolution, there is a pale blue dot between the Sun and the head of the lower yotta-giantess (109 meters), which is the Earth, our home.

It is considered a yotta-giantess to the woman whose size oscillates between the 109 meters (1000000 kilometers) to the 1010 meters (10000000 kilometers).

They can cover the Sun with their body, in fact they could sit on it.

This size allows them to "play" with Jupiter as if they were a toy ball.


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