Estaturas 12 Zetta

Size difference between the lowest zetta-giantess (108 meters) and the highest (109 meters). It's used Wikyodai-chan, the Earth (12742 km in diameter), the Moon (3474 km in diameter), Jupiter (139822 km in diameter) and the Sun (1392000 km in diameter).

It is considered a zetta-giantess to the woman whose size oscillates between the 108 meters (100000 kilometers) to the 109 meters (1000000 kilometers).

They can cover the planet Jupiter with their body, in fact, they could sit on it.

This size allows them to "play" with Earth or Moon as if they were toy balls.

Also this size allows them to walk in the Sun (remember that the almost inevitable cliché of invulnerability applies) as if it were analogically as big as King Kai's planet.